China Mobile to Launch 4G Services, Apple’s iPhone on December 18 [WSJ]

The carrier has yet to receive license for the new service

China Mobile, the largest wireless carrier in the world, is expected to launch its 4G services in the country on December 18, while preparing for the release of Apple’s iPhone on its network.

China hasn’t issued licenses for fourth-generation mobile services, but is expected to do so shortly, and China Mobile will be ready for the launch, it seems.

According to a recent article on The Wall Street Journal, the wireless carrier will launch Apple’s handset on its network after the release of 4G.

Apple’s market share in China is a low one, but the launch of the iPhone on this wireless carrier’s network is expected to help it gain some more ground.

In fact, WSJ cites Hong Kong-based Mizuho Securities analyst Marvin Lo, who claims that around 10 percent of China Mobile’s users might choose to grab the iPhone after launch.

This would mean around 70 million new customers for the Cupertino-based company, a figure that will certainly help it strengthen its position against rivals such as Samsung Electronics.

Apple’s iPhone has been available in China via other wireless carriers for several years now, yet that did not help the company increase its market share.

What remains to be seen is which iPhone models China Mobile and Apple will choose to make available on the wireless carrier’s upcoming 4G network.

Chances are that iPhone 5 will join the recently launched iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, though specific details on the matter have yet to be provided. Apple might also consider the release of a new model, specifically designed for this network.

Apple has already received the necessary approvals to have its devices operating on the China Mobile’s network. In fact, reports on the matter have suggested that the company has been undergoing tests to ensure full compatibility with the upcoming services for several months now.

One way or the other, Apple and China Mobile are expected to provide specific info on this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn more on the matter.

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