China Hit by the Largest DDOS Attack the Country Has Ever Seen

A large number of websites have been disrupted by a cyberattack on national DNS systems

China’s national DNS systems have been hit by what the country is calling the largest distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack in history. A large number of .cn websites were partially or completely disrupted for around a couple of hours on Sunday.

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) reports that the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has launched the DNS security contingency plan to protect Chinese websites.

CNNIC has apologized for the incident. The organization says it’s working on enhancing its capabilities to prevent future incidents.

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince has told The Wall Street Journal that a 32% drop in traffic had been recorded as a result of the attack.

Prince highlights the fact that the attack could have been launched by a single individual, and not necessarily by an actor with a large amount of resources and technical sophistication.

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