“China Hacked by Anonymous” YouTube Video Promotes Facebook Hack Tool

The application hides an information-stealing Trojan

A shady Facebook hack tool is promoted via YouTube with the help of a video entitled “China Hacked by Anonymous.”

The video itself is legitimate. In fact, it’s one made by TheDailyConversation back in April when Anonymous hacktivists were targeting Chinese websites.

However, unlike the genuine video, the description section contains a link to a file hosting site via the adf.ly URL shortening service.

The highly advertised application is called “Pro Facebook Hack v3.2 2013.exe” and it’s detected by my trusty antivirus as a Trojan called Win32.Spatet.A – a piece of malware that’s designed to steal sensitive information and open a backdoor on the affected computer.

The video’s description also contains numerous “Facebook hack” related keywords to make sure that as many users as possible are led to it.

I’ve reported this particular video to YouTube and hopefully they’ll remove it.

In the meantime, I advise everyone to be extra careful when presented with shady links, even if they’re in the description section of an apparently-legitimate YouTube video.

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