China Cracks Down On Spam

Signs up to London Action Plan on Spam Enforcement Collaboration

The issue of spam e-mail is quite annoying for the users, and that's why more and more countries around the world are stepping up their efforts in order to stop this phenomenon. And the latest addition to this group is none other than China, who's actually the third largest producer of spam.

China will create the Union Network Beijing body as its representative under the London Action Plan on Spam Enforcement Collaboration and will try its best to support the war against spam.

At the beginning of the spam outbreaks a large amount of traffic was directed via China, even if those profiting were based elsewhere, because the general belief was that the servers in Beijing and in other Chinese were far from the control of western governments.

However, this has now changed, since, at a ceremony attended by British ambassador Christopher Hum and US federal trade commissioner Jon Leibowitz, China announced that it will join the international efforts against the widespread spamming phenomenon.

UK e-commerce minister Alun Michael welcomed the decision as a very important result after the months of on negotiation between the UK and China.

"We have long been keen to engage with China on the issue of spam, in particular because China is probably the second biggest source of spam in the world. As China reaches the 100 million internet users mark, we welcome this opportunity to work with China to make the internet safer for users." said Michael in a statement.

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