China Builds Amusement Park with World of Warcraft Theme

Park building costs were as high as $48 million (€36 million)

By on January 16th, 2013 14:57 GMT

I stumbled upon these photos of a World of Warcraft amusement park, which is probably one of the best ideas of all time.

Unfortunately for Blizzard Entertainment, the theme park is not exactly licensed. Hidden in China, it was a $48 million (€36 million) hush-hush project, according to Forbes.

The park is also home to some groundbreaking 4-D rides, the Reddit user who posted the pics says.

“A lot of the rides used 4-D and special effects, which I hadn’t experienced much of before. There was a good roller coaster with loops, where you are lying horizontally, face forward, like you are flying.

That was my favorite ride. The water log ride (‘splash of monster blood’) was pretty good too,” FrancescaO_O describes.

Check out more amazing shots from the WoW amusement park in the gallery section.

World of Warcraft Amusement Park Gallery (4 Images)

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