China Boots Cisco Systems from Telecom Network, Cites Security Concerns

China Unicom will take over the China169 network backbone

State-owned Chinese telecommunications operator China Unicom has replaced Cisco Systems in a major backbone network known as China169. Apparently, the decision was taken based on security concerns.

A few weeks ago, the US House of Representatives released a report which advised organizations to stop doing business with Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturers.

Chinese officials must have thought “two can play this game,” so they’ve also started intensifying network security, Morning Whistle reports.

The 169 backbone, along with the 163 backbone are responsible for delivering a large majority of the country’s Internet.

Cisco is currently in charge for 80%, respectively 70%, of the aforementioned backbones, but it appears that China is not willing to forgive and forget when it comes to the accusations made by the US regarding Huawei and ZTE’s alleged spying activities.

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