China: Including Blue Teams in Military Drills Doesn’t Mean We Have Cyber Warriors

The military says its cyber capabilities are not as advanced as the ones of others

Over the past few weeks, reports have been pouring in from Chinese officials about the country’s cyber security capabilities. 

At first, they criticized US organizations for falsely accusing them of launching cyberattacks based only on some IP addresses and inaccurate information. Then, they came forward stating that making baseless accusations is not good for international cooperation.

Later, they highlighted that they were also victims of cyberattacks. The Ministry of National Defense said that in 2012, their military networks suffered 14.4 million attacks from overseas, 62% of them being traced back to the United States.

In a statement published on Thursday, a military spokesperson reiterated that China did not have any cyber warriors, arguing that the inclusion of "blue teams" in military exercises was simply a way to enhance the country’s ability to protect itself against cyber threats.

This does not mean they're conducting cyberattacks, the spokesperson said.

According to China Daily, the military is working on improving its cyber capabilities, but their representatives say there’s still a "gap" compared to the capabilities of other countries.

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