China: 62.9% of Last Year’s Cyberattacks Against Military Systems Came from the US

The origin of these attacks has been determined based on IP addresses

China keeps playing an old record about not being responsible for the attacks against the United States or other countries, as some have reported recently. 

However, in a statement published on Thursday, China’s Ministry of National Defense reported that they were also the victims of cyberattacks.

If they were to determine the origins of attacks based on IP addresses, last year, the US was accountable for 62.9% of the cyberattacks launched against the computer systems of the Chinese Ministry of Defense and the military.

Ministry spokesperson Geng Yansheng once again said that Mandiant’s report was flawed, highlighting the fact that the Chinese military had never supported hacking activities.

Geng also noted that the intentions of the United States to enhance its cyber warfare capabilities as a result of these attacks was not beneficial for the international community’s efforts against cybercrime.

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