Chimp Is Given AK-47, Starts Shooting at Soldiers

This joke turned extremely dangerous for bored soldiers

These soldiers don't seem to realize that chimps have opposable thumbs. They were shot at with an automatic rifle after apparently being outsmarted by a chimp.

Research has shown that chimps develop many human-like traits and skills. They can count and subtract, use and manufacture tools, and communicate by the use of hand gestures and facial expressions.

Obviously, their knowledge of weapons does not include information about automatic guns. This video just goes to show you that, if you do give an AK-47 to a primate, you should check whether it's loaded first.

It's understandable that protecting certain areas while being stationed there for months at a time can lead to extreme boredom, but accidents resulting from stunts like this one should fall under the responsibility of the human.

Some users claim the video is fake because the sound that the AK-47 makes is not realistic, while others argue that shooting blanks doesn't generate recoil.

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