Children in Indonesia Travel to School on Suspended Aqueduct

Their alternative is trekking for three miles (4,8 km) through the rainforest

Children use this suspended bridge to get to school, between two villages in Java, Indonesia, every day. Pictured above is a narrow aqueduct, previously used to carry water.

Residents travel every day on the suspended bridge, between Suro Village and Plempungan Village, Sun writes.

You can see as even a young boy is forced to take the aqueduct, hundreds of meters above ground, to school. He cycles on incredibly narrow wooden planks, which look like they can fall apart at anytime.

Food and other supplies are also brought in on the bridge. The locals' alternative to the aqueduct is walking for three miles (4.8 km) between the two locations.

If they were to choose to do so, they would be trekking through the Indonesian rainforest, one of the most densely populated in the world, according to the Rainforest Conservation Fund.


Suspended aqueduct in Indonesia (2 Images)

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