Child Pornography Reduced by Baby Lover

A Spanish woman helped the authorities reduce pedophilia

A Spanish woman looking for information about babies on the Internet discovered an impressive amount of child pornography on a file sharing website. Her next step? She alerted the authorities that decided to prepare simultaneous raids at several Spanish addresses to arrest the ones accused for pedophilia. According to Reuters, no less than 13 persons were caught after the information provided by the woman led to the locations of the offenders.

"The woman called police after she found files with names suggesting pedophilia on an Internet file-sharing site. Investigators discovered the files contained images of two adults sexually abusing a child," Reuters wrote in the report rolled out today.

Certainly, this is a big step in reducing the amount of the child porn material published on the web but there's still much to be done for cleaning the web of this type of content. But it's still a good thing that ordinary Internet users browsing websites are opened to communication with the authorities as they are the ones who can identify the largest sources of web pedophilia.

The entire virtual world prohibits child pornography but even so, this type of material continues to exist and, what's even worse is that the amount of illegal pictures or videos is continuously growing. The search engines are quickly removing the entries serving child porn, the police arrest every person who encourages it while the Internet Service Providers are quickly shutting down the websites promoting this content.

However, it can be easily distributed through peer-to-peer technologies or through file-sharing applications, just like the Spanish woman discovered the illegal material. So, how can we reduce online pedophilia? It's simple: every time you discover such content, all you need to do is report it to the authorities and let them remove/shut down the technologies or arrest the people involved in the matter.

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