Child Is Thrown Out the Window by Mother, Caught by Grandfather

A young mother from León, in Spain, tosses her baby from the first floor, during a fit

A tragedy was averted in the Spanish city of León, as an enraged, hysterical young mother threw her child out the window at the exact time that her father was passing by.

The family lived on the first floor of an apartment building. The 27-year-old mother was having a fit and started throwing everything she owned out, the Daily Mail writes.

Her 18-month-old baby girl was one of the things that was about to get tossed, on Wednesday, October 31. Neighbors explained she wasn't one to have nervous breakdowns often, she lived “more or less a normal life.”

“I'm not sure what led to this happening, but suddenly she began to shout, became incredibly hysterical and was mounting a tremendous racket,” one witness said.

The woman shouted and gesticulated, and the incident culminated with a drastic gesture.

“[She] suddenly suffered a complete loss of control,” people in the neighborhood described.

She picked up her baby and begun threatening to throw her off the apartment window, 4 meters (13 feet) from the ground. Her father, the child's grandfather, happened to walk by at the time of the incident.

He watched terrified as his daughter followed through on her desire to toss the baby girl off, and was able to run and save her, at the last moment. The senior grabbed the girl's hands the very moment before impact.

The grandfather decided not to return the baby to her mother, instead notified the Spanish National Police of the incident. The baby underwent testing at the local hospital, revealing she managed to survive unscathed.

As for her mother, she is being investigated for child abuse and will be submitted to a psychiatric evaluation, to evaluate her fitness as a parent at this point.

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