Chicken Wing Eating Champ Charged for Drug Possession, Distribution

Bill “El Wingador” Simmons was arrested on four drug-related counts

Bill “El Wingador” Simmons has been charged on drug-related charges, reports say. Simmons is well known in Philadelphia for winning several chicken wing eating contests.

51-year-old Simmons of Woodbury Heights was indicted on Thursday, January 28, details He was arrested in June 2012 on four counts of possession and distribution of a controlled substance.

The Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office alleges he has manufactured and sold more than five ounces (141 g) of cocaine. At the time of his Harrison Township arrest, a search of his 2010 Kia Soul revealed powder cocaine worth $8,000 (€5,900) and $4,000 (€2,950) in cash.

“I got to see first hand the impact hard time for nonviolent offenders has on these young kids facing long sentences, giving them no chance at rehabilitation or of ever leading normal, productive lives,” he said after his 10-day stay in prison, at the time.

He now faces 10 to 20 years in prison over distributing more than five ounces (141 g) of drugs.

“I know I'm not a bad person, just a big dummy, and I'm asking not to be judged by this one thing,” Simmons admits in a statement. He also apologizes to his supports and friends for his actions.

The five-time Wing Bowl champ was released from prison on Monday by posting $100,000 (€73,700) bail. WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi praises Simmons for his accomplishments within the competition.

Nonetheless, the champion has been stripped of his right to participate in this year's opening ceremony at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

“We all owe a debt to Bill for what he has done for our event. [...] But I think for his benefit that his role be downplayed while he's working things out with the courts,” Cataldi has told local news.

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