Chicago Starts Deporting Pigeons to Indiana

People say the methods used to capture the birds are anything but humane

Chicago's pigeons are that big of a nuisance, that the city's officials decided to deport most of them to Indiana. More precisely, they are to be taken to a farm whose owner agreed to take them in.

Despite the fact that most of Chicago's residents salute the endeavor, there are some who claim that the people in charge of rounding up these birds and sending them on their way were anything but humane when doing their job.

Thus, they used giant net guns to catch the birds, and did not seem to bother at all whether or not some of the birds got injured when being herded in that manner.

Teddy Hilton quotes one eyewitness, who said that, “It was so bizarre and so disturbing, it couldn't even compute to me. You could hear the pigeons crying. They were like smashed into the ground.”

Interestingly enough, some people doubt that the pigeons are in fact being sent to a farm in Indiana.

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