Chicago PD Investigating Rick Ross Death Threats

Rapper says he’s not afraid of gangsters, police would probably disagree

Gangsta rapper Rick Ross recently canceled two shows after receiving serious threats from a group of real gangsters, the so-called Gangster Disciples. Even though he’s saying he didn’t cancel them because he’s afraid, police are investigating the threats received.

As I also informed you at the time, the GD called Rick Ross out in a series of YouTube videos (you can see a clean segment from one of them below) for dissing one of their members, boasting of associations within the gang he never had and using their symbol as his own, without permission.

TMZ has learned that the Chicago Police Department is now looking into the threats made, just to make sure.

However, Rick Ross is keeping both his feet on the ground, denying that the cancelation of the two shows had anything to do with threats coming from the GD.

In fact, he explains in a recent radio interview (second video below), it was all down to shady promoters: Rick Ross is not afraid because Rick Ross is the boss.

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