Chewbacca Finally Has a Girlfriend, All Thanks to the Staff at the Denver Zoo

This male red panda seems quite pleased with the idea of getting Daisy as a girlfriend

The Denver Zoo has recently welcomed a new male red panda named Chewbacca. This 6-year-old red panda was brought to this animal sanctuary for the sole purpose of meeting Daisy, whom most people expect to soon become its girlfriend.

Given the fact that Daisy is presently a single lady, and that Chewbacca is nothing if not good-looking and quite courteous (though one could not guess judging by its name alone), odds are that these two furry creatures will soon start a family.

Huffington Post informs us that Daisy is also 6 year old, and that the decision to introduce them to one another is part and parcel of ongoing efforts to breed this species in captivity.

Thus, red pandas are currently listed as a vulnerable species, and efforts must be made to ensure their survival on the longer run.

As is the case with most threatened and endangered species, red pandas have come to witness a decline in their global populations as a result of humans' hunting them and destroying their natural habitat.

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