Cheryl Cole Wants Ex Husband Ashley Back, Babies, a Family

Now that she’s seriously considering taking a few years off from showbiz to focus on her personal life, Cheryl Cole is also thinking about starting a family – and, according to the latest reports, she believes she can only do that next to her ex-husband Ashley Cole.

Last week, word got out in the British media that, following the US X Factor debacle, Cheryl has been finding consolation in the most unlikely of all places: in the arms of her ex, who cheated on her at least 5 times when they were married.

Not only did she spend the night with him at their former matrimonial home, but she’s also serious about reconciliation.

Cheryl even wants to start a family and would have Ashley become a father as soon as possible, sources close to the pop star tell the British media, as cited by the Daily Mail.

“She doesn’t want to wait until she's over 30 to start a family. And she thinks Ashley’s the most natural person to be dad to her babies,” a spy says.

“She wants to follow her heart and do what will make her happy. But she has to sort her life out first,” the insider adds.

However, Ashley is now in a position to make demands: for their relationship to work the second time around, he wants Cheryl to change too, and assume her share of responsibility for the failure of their marriage.

“He was blamed for the end of the marriage and that's fair enough. But Cheryl has to take some responsibility. Her career always came first,” says another insider.

“But if Cheryl takes him back she’ll put everything into the relationship. Her career is far less important to her than starting a family,” the spy explains.

As word spread online that Cheryl had spent the night with her ex, another rumor picked up speed: her friends and family are reportedly very concerned that she’ll be making the same mistakes from her past and that, in the end, she will suffer even more than she has already.

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