Cheryl Cole Unveils New Song, “Ghetto Baby”

The track was written by Lana Del Rey and produced by Kid Gloves

As her new album, “A Million Lights,” is nearing release date, Cheryl Cole has unleashed a brand new song from the cut. You can check it out in full above.

“Ghetto Baby” was written by the famous Lana Del Rey and produced by Kid Gloves. It's a solid one even though it's less dance-inspired, which could mean it never sees the light of day as a single.

“A Million Lights” is Cheryl's third solo studio album, and will be available on June 18.

Speaking about it in a recent interview, the diminute pop star admitted that she could not relate to the words of the songs for the very simple reason that she did not write them, as we also informed you the other day.

In doing so, Cheryl effectively dispelled rumors that some of the tracks on it had been inspired by the breakup of her marriage to Ashley Cole.

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