Cheryl Cole Gets New Thigh Tattoo

Singer and television personality Cheryl Cole is a fan of body art, having about 5 known tattoos so far. She recently added a sixth, on the thigh of her left leg, it has emerged.

The star was recently at the unveiling of her wax statue at Madame Tussauds and, as the Daily Mail puts it, the only difference between her and the wax work (a clear exaggeration, of course) was a glimpse of a new tat.

Dressed in a princess’ short white mini skirt and on towering heels, Cheryl allowed cameras a brief glimpse of what looks like a brand new tattoo on her leg.

“As she met her new mirror image, the X Factor judge’s incredibly short minidress revealed what appears to be a new tattoo, snaking around the top of her left thigh,” the Mail writes.

“The singer gave a tantalizing peek of the tail-like etching, thought to be her sixth tattoo, at the launch in London,” the same publication informs.

The moment the photos went online, the Mail contacted Cheryl’s rep to get confirmation on the new tattoo and possibly the signification behind it. It got only the former.

“A spokesperson for the star confirmed to Mail Online that she had acquired the new ink, but refused to be drawn on further details about what the etching is and when Cheryl had it done,” the tab writes.

As also noted above, if the new etching is the real deal, this would make Cheryl’s sixth tattoo, as fans must already know.

The singer has barb wire and a rose around her right leg thigh, which she mostly keeps covered. She also has a butterfly on her lower back, and a design on her left cheek (on her backside, not her face).

Cheryl’s most visible and, at the same time, most copied work is the one on her hand. She also has “Mrs. C” written on the back of her neck, a tattoo that she got after marrying Ashley Cole and which she’s now reportedly eager to have removed.

Speaking of removing tats, another British reality star is just as eager to have them removed as Cheryl is to get new ones: Kelly Osbourne has realized getting so much ink was a rash, bad idea.

“I met with my dermatologist and I’ll start the laser treatment as soon as I have time. While I’m not looking forward to the pain, I’ve heard it hurts less than getting the tattoo. I hope so!” Kelly announced on Twitter a while back.

She will keep only those tattoos that have a “special meaning” for her – all the rest goes, as we also informed you.

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