Cheryl Cole Agrees to Move In with Ashley Cole, Bans Her Own Mother

Cheryl Cole is officially back with her ex-husband Ashley Cole, and she’s determined to take another leap of faith for the sake of the love they once felt and believe they still do. She’s agreed to move in with him, even on the condition that her mother is not allowed to come with her.

Recent reports would have it that the two reconciled after Cheryl came back to the UK humiliated and angry after being dropped from the US version of X Factor, where she was supposed to be a judge but only lasted on the panel for 5 days.

At her 28th birthday party, held on Friday, Cheryl and Ashley made no secret of the fact that they’re together again, several British publications write.

At the same time, unnamed insiders are vouching that, this time, Ashley is convinced he can treat Cheryl as she deserves and will never again cheat on her.

She, on the other hand, wants to start a family as soon as possible, so he’s thinking of proposing to her once more, it is being said.

Before any of that happens, though, the two are talking about moving in together – and Ashley has been telling Cheryl that her mother is not welcome, the Daily Mail writes.

“Philandering Ashley Cole has banned former wife Cheryl’s worried mother from moving back in with the couple following their reconciliation,” the tab writes.

“The couple plan to set up home together again in the £6million mansion they once shared in Hurtmore, Surrey – just days after making their reunion public,” says the same publication.

Ashley got the mansion in the divorce and he’s already asked Cheryl to come back, having realized that he couldn’t live without her.

“They are making plans to live together again – but on the proviso that mum-in-law Joan Callaghan will not share their home,” the Mail says.

“Mrs. Callaghan, 51, has been a constant presence as Cheryl suffered the collapse of her three-and-a-half-year marriage to Cole after his string of flings came to light, leading to their separation in May 2010,” the tab adds.

Cheryl’s mom has also been by her side during her battle with malaria and in her most recent attempt at breaking the US with the X Factor job. The report says Cheryl has already agreed to Ashley’s one condition.

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