Cher Lloyd Is Vampy Witch in “With UR Love” Video

Track gets new video for US release, is even cuter than the original

Cher Lloyd got a lot of flak back in the day when she was a contestant on X Factor, with many even saying that she didn’t have what it took to make it in the music industry. She’s proving them wrong as we speak.

Check out the latest video from Cher, for her single “With UR Love.”

As fans must know, the single got a first video in October 2011: this here is the US version, which is meant to promote the US release of her debut album.

Since vampires and other supernatural beings are all the rage by now, Cher goes for a supernatural theme in the video, which sees her and her witch friends working to create the perfect man.

The idea might not reek originality but the execution is pretty solid. Also, Cher is almost painfully pretty. Enjoy!

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