Chelsea Star Hazard Kicks Ball Boy, Millionaire Heir to a Real Estate Fortune

“Appearance #needed #for #timewasting,” Charlie Morgan tweeted before the game

Charlie Morgan is the ball boy that was injured in last night's Chelsea – Swansea game in which Chelsea lost and Eden Hazard got the first red card in his career.

17-year-old Morgan is also the heir to millions, Daily Mail relays. His father is Martin Morgan, a director at the Swansea club and owner of the 32nd biggest fortune in Wales. Mr. Martin Morgan owns 11 hotels and realty companies.

“The king of all ballboys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting,” Charlie posted on Twitter before the League Cup semi-final match.

As I mentioned earlier, Hazard has received a lot of support, with Joey Barton tweeting that he wished the player had kicked Morgan harder.

Barton hinted that the ball boy was trying to slow down the game by literally sitting on the ball, instead of passing it along.

“In reality he's tried all be it in an aggressive manner to dislodge the ball from beneath him,” he says.

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