Chelsea Handler Rips into Angelina Jolie: She’s a Homewrecker

Chelsea Handler isn’t the one to mince her words, even when she’s talking about Hollywood “royalty” Angelina Jolie. During one of her recent shows, Handler lashed out at the actress, saying she didn’t buy into her good-girl, humanitarian image.

Not only did Chelsea speak her mind about Angelina, but she also put a woman who tried to come to her (Jolie’s) defense back in her place, going into the details of her dislike for the A-list star.

Video of the rant has emerged online but, for the obvious reasons, we can’t embed it at the end of the article as usual.

“She’s a homewrecker, she is,” Chelsea said of Jolie, getting all worked up. She then went on to say that she personally wasn’t fooled by the humanitarian side of her: at the end of the day, she was still a mean, despicable woman who’d stolen another’s husband.

“She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don’t [expletive]-ing believe you. She gives interviews, ‘I don’t have a lot of female friends.’ Cause you’re a [expletive]-ing [expletive]... you’re a [expletive]-ing [expletive],” the comedienne added.

A source close to Handler says for PopEater that partly responsible for her belief that Angelina is only doing it for show is her friendship with Jennifer Aniston. The two have recently become so close they even vacationed together in Mexico.

However, even if it weren’t for that, Chandler would have still spoken her mind, the source says – because she’s not afraid to say what, admittedly, everyone else in Hollywood believes.

“Everyone in Hollywood is scared to say what they really think about Angelina except Chelsea. She thinks Angie stole another woman’s husband and should be called out on it,” explains the spy.

“Chelsea is the best thing to happen to Jen. Chelsea isn’t afraid to tell Jen the truth even if it is painful. In the past Jen has made it clear that she doesn’t want her friends talking about what went down between her, Brad and Angie,” the same insider says for PopEater.

“But Chelsea doesn’t care. She thinks Angelina has used her kids to manipulate her image and gotten away with destroying a beautiful marriage. She’s going to shout it from the roof tops weather Jen likes it or not,” the source explains.

Here is a video of the Chelsea Handler ripping into Angelina Jolie for being a fake. *Be advised that discretion is recommended since it contains graphic and profane language that may offend. 

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