Chelsea Handler Goes Off on Angelina Jolie: She’s Kinda Evil

Her hate for Jolie has nothing to do with being friends with Jennifer Aniston, she says

It’s a known fact that Chelsea Handler hates Angelina Jolie, mostly because she’s always been very vocal on the issue. In her recent interview with Howard Stern, Handler explains how this has nothing to do with her being friends with Jennifer Aniston.

Audio of the entire interview is here, but *please note that discretion is recommended because of graphic language that might offend.

The Angelina Jolie part comes in at the 24:30 mark, with Handler trying to explain how her hate for her has nothing to do with Aniston – who is not even her “best friend” as described in the press but just a “good friend.”

Asked by Stern why she never publicly attacked Brad Pitt for cheating on Aniston with Jolie, opting instead just to call Jolie a “homewrecker,” Handler states her believe that Brad is – and has always been – somehow “trapped” in the relationship.

“I’ve been talking about Angelina Jolie way before I met Jen Aniston. Jen and I don’t sit around talking about Angelina… so the fact that people think I’m going to defend her five years after the fact is so stupid too,” Handler states.

In saying so, she is lashing out at reports that the only reason she’s been so vocal against Jolie is because she feels it’s her duty, in a way, to do so because she’s tight with Jennifer.

On the contrary, Handler says: her dislike of Jolie stems only from a certain feeling she gets about the actress.

“I think Angelina Jolie is, you know, kind of evil. If a girl doesn’t have any girlfriends, then there’s a reason that no woman wants to be friends with them,” she says.

“I don’t think she has any friends… I’m pretty sure Brad Pitt is like, ‘Oh GOD!’ I think he can’t do anything now with those kids. She’ll just take them to, like, Istanbul. What is he to do? He’s got to stick it out now…” Handler further shares, putting in her two cents on one of the most mediated romances of our times.

“He seems like he loves his kids, he seems like a really good dad, he seems to really love them, so who knows what goes on there,” she adds.

Even though she’s clearly made up her mind about “evil” Angelina Jolie, Handler admits she’s never met her. At least she’s honest about it.

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