Cheerios Biracial Family Ad Gets Response, Tells Haters Off

A clip created by Kenji shows that a biracial family is just another normal family

One videomaker has had enough of all the negative response that the Cheerios “Just Checking” ad has received.

Kenji has posted a clip telling haters off by clarifying that anyone's definition of a family should be considered “normal.” According to HuffPost, the clip was written by Mark Normand and Eddie Lombardi.

As reported, the ad was ripped for portraying a biracial family in which the mother is Caucasian and the father is African-American. In fact, so many racist comments were posted that Cheerios disabled the comment feature.

This spoof pokes fun at the comments disaster and underlines that, in the year 2013, everyone has a right to do as they please.

The dialogue suggests that those criticizing the original ad should stop being so close-minded and stuck in the past.

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