Check Out the Top 10 Wealthiest U.S. Presidents of All Time

George Washington tops the list with an estimated worth of $525 million (€392 million

In recent times, U.S. presidents have not been regarded among the wealthiest people in the country.

Back in the day, however, the first U.S. president, George Washington received a salary totaling 2% of the country's budget. He is the richest of the 10 top-grossing U.S. presidents in history, 247 Wall St reveals.

His plantation in Virginia, run with the help of some 300 slaves, helped him gather a fortune of $525 million (€392 million) in today's dollars.

Runner up in the list is Thomas Jefferson, owner of a 5,000-acre (2,023-hectar) plantation in Virginia, who made a whopping $212 million (€158 million), yet still struggled with debt during his final years.

Theodore Roosevelt ranks in at number three, with a hefty inheritance and a 235-acre estate (95-hectar), Sagamore Hill.

Andrew Jackson is fourth on our list, worth $119 million (€89 million). He married into a rich family and gained wealth in the military. He also kept up his 1,050-acre (424-hectar) estate The Hermitage using slave labor.

James Madison, at number 5, was once the largest property owners in Orange County, leaving behind the Montpelier estate. Lyndon Baines Johnson was not raised in a wealthy family, yet still ended up owning a radio and television station in Austin, Texas with his wife.

Herbert Clark Hoover was actually an orphan, raised by an uncle who practiced medicine. He achieved a top executive position in a mining company and bought several mining holdings.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born into money and married accordingly. The 32nd president worked in public service, and was worth $60 million (€45 million).

Number nine, Bill Clinton wasn't a wealthy man before or during his presidency. He made most of his $55 million (€41 million) from speaking fees after his time in office.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy ends the list at number 10. The son of one of the richest men in America and the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Kennedy was notoriously privileged.

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