Check Out the iPotty, Premiered at CES 2013

The iPotty is a potty that can have an iPad attached to it

If you think your kids are too spoiled, we'll introduce you to a toy for the super-spoiled: the iPotty – a potty that can have an iPad attached to it.

This invention was premiered at this CES 2013 by CTA Digital, a manufacturer of iPad and Kindle accessories.

Makers explain the potty gadget is an educational tool.

“When you are potty training you have to keep them busy. This keeps them engaged and gives them rewards for the right kind of behavior,” company rep Lois Eiler says.

Of course, a potty training app can run as the child gets to actually use the skills they acquire from using the app. The app store already features several of these apps, ABC News tells us.

The iPad goes into its dedicated slot, and a touch-screen protector comes down, in case the potty training process gets messy.

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