Check Out the World's Smallest Car, According to Jeremy Clarkson

The Top Gear host designed and tested the P45 himself

Inspired by a segment on the tiny Peel P50, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson has decided to design an even smaller car.

He claims his P45, recently tested on the show, is now the smallest car in the world. Its body is made from aluminum and it has passed government testing.

As it is equipped with headlights, a license plate and mirrors, the vehicle can be legally driven on Britain's roads.

Clarkson takes the P45 out for a spin, daring to take it on both motorways and dual-carriage ways.

It doesn't take long for him to refuel the tiny car, and he pulls in at a gas station. Unfortunately, he realizes his tank can only hold 1.7 liters, but the station offers a 2-l minimum delivery, so he has to chuck the rest.

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