Check Out the Ultimate Faceplants Compilation

There is nothing more painful and more embarrassing than a full on faceplant

It's human nature to laugh at others' misery and, as it is with car crashes and explosions, you simply cannot look away when you watch someone falling and landing on their face.

With this clip, you can enjoy scenes of several people doing just that. It's not funny because the injuries sustained by the stars look potentially traumatic, but because they are extremely embarrassing at the same time.

This video was uploaded by viral creator World Wide Interweb, and it features music from Fireball Ministry, which makes it infinitely more entertaining.

The clip ends with someone saying “Are you alright? Are you sure?,” an innocent comment that makes us giggle. We believe it's safe to say that, at least at the time the incidents occurred, the people featured in this compilation were not alright.

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