Check Out These Awesome Bioplastic Gadgets

Spalvieri/Del Ciotto's really know how to design things

By on March 20th, 2012 13:52 GMT

If you like it when people come up with cool ways of recycling materials used in tech products, you probably love it when products are biodegradable right off the bat too.

That means that among the few things that could possibly sweeten the deal is for those products to be cool too.

We'll risk saying that the Maizy items made by design house Spalvieri/Del Ciotto's are definitely cool ones.

Not only are they made out of a bioplastic derived from cornstarch, but the six gadgets are good looking too, even in their simplicity.

They are also colored an immaculate white, which is a definite plus in our book.

The product line currently includes a radio (with an input for an audio player), analog and LCD alarm clocks, a rechargeable pocket light and two calculators (a pocket model and a desktop version).

As if the above wasn't already enough, the inventions are pretty cheap too: between $15 / 11.37 Euro (the calculator), and $95 / 72.06 Euro (for the radio).

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