Cheaper Nook Might Be Kindle Competitor

There is no price for a good read or a good night's sleep

If you're looking for an e-reader, I have got the story for you: it seems the Barnes & Noble decided to grab customers’ attention by dropping the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight's price by as much as $20/€14, turning it into a real competitor for other e-readers such as the Kindle Fire.

While at first glance just your run-off-the-mill e-reader, when the night comes, the GlowLight shines. By that, I mean it lets you read in total darkness.

No more getting kicked out of the bedroom by your partner because of your e-reader's luminosity. Now you can sit comfortably and read without disturbing your partner's sleep.

A minor detail for some, but an important feature for others. Is it worth buying? It all depends on how much you like to read, I guess.

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