Cheap 55-Inch 4K UHD TV Released by Seiki in the US via Sears

The ultra-high definition LCD TV has a price of $1,499 / €1,499

Ultra-high definition television sets may have started out with prices of over $100K / €100K, but now they can be found at under $2,000 / €2,000, and it's all thanks to the Chinese.

More specifically, Seiki has released a 4K UHD TV of 55 inches in the US, through Sears retail stores. Obviously, the resolution is of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Its price is of $1,499 / €1,499, or will be as soon as supply reaches the United States.

The display will be accompanied by a 39-inch 4K TV at $1,299 / €1,299 but otherwise identical to the larger one (30 Hz refresh rate for 4K, 120 Hz for normal content).

Other specs include HDMI 1.4, a USB port, built-in digital and analog tuner, 1-year replacement warranty and US-based tech support.

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