Chaser A31, Thermaltake's Newest Gaming PC Case

It has an e-sport appearance and a windowed side panel, among other things

Thermaltake isn't trying to shock anyone into oblivion, not like a certain pair of people did when they introduced their idea to Kickstarter. No, Thermaltake is just doing its job as provider of PC desktop hardware.

The arguably shocking invention we are alluding to is the Game Tank that promotes solitary confinement as ideal gaming medium.

Compared to a small box where people shut themselves in along with their PCs, the Thermaltake Chaser A31 is relatively tame. Just another high-end gaming case on a market of high-end gaming cases.

Made with an “e-sport” appearance, it boasts a 240mm radiator liquid cooling system, room for even the largest graphics cards (a good idea knowing the approach of NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan) and a perforated front bezel with two 120mm fans.

Thermaltake also decided on a modular design for the storage drives. The drive cages can be removed (hence the large VGA card potential space) and so can the aforementioned front fans.

Furthermore, the Chaser A31 has a tray at the top where portable gadgets like digital camera and mp3 players can be placed.

Not only that, but the enclosure and cooler developer chose to install a front panel with four USB 3.0 ports, plus an Advanced Cable Management system with easy routing and hiding wires behind the mainboard tray.

All in all, it is easy to see why Thermaltake would describe the item as featuring “outstanding protection designs that characterize a unique personality.”

The company even made it possible to select between three colors at any time: Classy black, Snow white, and Thunder blue.

The press release that has exposed the existence of the Thermaltake Chasr A31 has not included the price of the enclosure. Given the “combination of cooling, performance and expandability any full tower features within this ultra-mean case,” it probably isn't very low.


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