Charlie Sheen’s Star Is Fading Fast, His Career Is Dead, Says Report

As reports are spreading online that Charlie Sheen will officially receive the kiss of death on “Two and a Half Men” in the form of an accident in which he drives his car off a cliff, many are starting to wonder whether there’s still any salvaging his career from fading into oblivion and, ultimately, poverty.

PopEater, for one, seems to believe that Sheen’s star began to fade when he started badmouthing CBS, Warner Bros. and series creator Chuck Lorre, because it was then that he alienated all other networks and possible future employers by showing how unprofessional he was.

This happened all the while interest in Sheen’s person reached never before seen heights: he was suddenly the one celebrity everybody talked about, albeit for the wrong reasons.

He was doing interviews, commanding the attention of millions and intriguing just as many people with his odd, nonsensical statements and declarations of war.

Now, several months later, he seems to have reached a dead end: he hardly makes headlines these days and, when he does, it’s because of the show he’s no longer on and from which he’s about to be killed off very soon.

His tour was more of a failed experiment than a hit event, supported only by people’s curiosity: after all, you don’t get to see a trainwreck on stage every single day of your life, the aforementioned report says.

“From waving Samurai swords on rooftops to making arguably one of the most important contributions to the urban dictionary in 2011 (Winning!), Charlie Sheen was on the tip of everyone’s tongues for months as he battled his ex-wives, the media, and (most likely) the voices in his head,” PopEater writes.

Despite the unprecedented media attention he was showered with at the time, not much came out of it – meaning, not much that could count as a good source of revenue.

Granted, Sheen landed a few endorsement deals, but they paled to the $2+ million he made for each single episode of “Two and a Half Men.” His career is at an impasse.

“But what now for the actor who seems to have run out of quippy one-liners and the full attention of his fellow glassy-eyed pretend pundits?” PopEater asks.

“If we don Sheen’s warlock hat for a moment and look into our crystal ball we see a series of ‘wacky uncle’ sitcom guest spots or a Viagra-like endorsement deal but anything more doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the man who represents just that,” the e-zine says.

Right now, word has it Sheen is in talks for a new sitcom, just like “Men” only raunchier. Industry insiders, however, believe no sane network boss would take such a huge risk as hiring him is right now.

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