Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi at Odds over His Partying, Their Wedding at Risk

Rossi isn't happy about Charlie's parties, Charlie isn't happy with her nagging

Trouble in paradise for Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi, despite the fact they're not even married? Say it ain't so. Brett should at least wait until the wedding ring goes on her finger before she works up the nerve to come between Charlie and his wild lifestyle.

Radar reports that Charlie and Brett are going through a rough patch and that the actor is already complaining to close friends that future Mrs. Sheen is cramping style by not allowing him to party the way he used to.

Since Charlie is a non-stop party machine, the couple is now said to be fighting non-stop, which doesn't leave a lot of time for make-up intercourse. Charlie is so mad he's now referring to Rossi, the woman that could do no wrong before, as “the ball and chain.” He is also said to be getting tired of her controlling ways.

The main issue here is Charlie's friends “Believing Charlie’s pals to be a bad influence,” says one insider, she has evicted all of them from the mansion on Mulholland Estates. In turn, Charlie has moved his parties outside the home, and guess where Brett is during all of this.

“Charlie has been going out and leaving Brett at home. She lights up his cell phone demanding to know when he is coming home,” adds the insider. But wait, it gets better, because Brett has just begun her controlling spree on the world's heaviest party animal.

“Brett forced Charlie to wear the wedding band, which he is wearing as an engagement ring. Charlie continues to hang around with other women, which infuriates Brett. It’s disrespectful to their relationship, and Brett wants to make it clear that Charlie is off the market,” continues the insider report.

Add to that the fact that Brett has reportedly gone into full Bridezilla mode planning the upcoming nuptials on November 22. Charlie originally asked her to hire out a friend as a wedding planner, a guy with a small business, but Brett wanted a “big name celebrity wedding planner.”

It's going to be interesting to watch if Charlie and Brett are actually going to make it to the altar, because Charlie is not the kind of man you boss around, and he's not going to give up his partying ways just because a woman tells him to.

Also, most of his friends, the ones Brett had thrown out of the house, are now campaigning that Charlie “pull the plug on the relationship before the wedding. Charlie has indeed talked about breaking up with Brett, but hasn't pulled the trigger.”

Brett should learn her place, because Charlie has a long line of ex-wives he dumped when they tried to change his partying ways. If Brett wants a slice of Sheen's money, she'd better deal with it until after the wedding, or risk going back to her adult actress day job.

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