Charlie Sheen Wants Lindsay Lohan to Be His New Goddess

Actor is eager to pay her debts if she’ll just move in with him

Charlie Sheen is in love and in full knight in shining armor mode. After working with Lindsay Lohan on a cameo in “Scary Movie 5,” he’s fallen for her hard and is now eager to pay all her debts if only she’ll move in with him.

Though Charlie is not exactly the romantic type of guy (at least not in the traditional sense), his exploits with women have been widely documented in the tabloid press and, as it happens, confirmed by the man himself.

To put it in other words, Sheen has a reputation of showering his lovers with gifts and buying for them whatever their heart desires.

He thinks he could do the same for Lohan, who recently had all her bank accounts seized by the IRS for not paying her taxes.

“Charlie is in hot pursuit of Lindsay. He wants her to be his new goddess. Charlie has a soft spot for lost causes and with all her problems – not to mention her latest arrest – Lindsay certainly qualifies,” an insider says for the latest print issue of The National Enquirer (story via CB).

“Charlie believes in second chances – and that Lindsay is smoking hot!” the spy says.

For all those not familiar with the term of “goddess” in this context, it’s how Sheen calls his more permanent lovers: basically, he’s willing to pay Lindsay to sleep with him.

From what the same unnamed source is saying, she’s not actually opposed to the idea.

“Lindsay had Charlie cracking up in bed, which is the world’s biggest turn-on for him. Since then, Charlie’s been showering Lindsay with gifts and bombarding her with emails and phone calls. And Lindsay’s loving it! She’s always wanted a sugar daddy, and a romance is blooming,” the pal dishes.

“Charlie thinks that Lindsay has been unfairly trashed in the media, especially over her Liz Taylor movie. He believes that a solid TB gig could help her pay off her debts and rebuild her Hollywood reputation. Now Lindsay’s bragging that she asked Charlie to be her business manager,” the source further says.

Considering that Sheen handed Lindsay a $100,000 (€77,345) check just recently when he heard she was in trouble with the IRS, the story above doesn’t sound that unfathomable, even though it’s still waiting confirmation.

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