Charlie Sheen Threatens Associate: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

Man files police report, claims he’s scared to death of the crazed star

Recent reports claim that Charlie Sheen is back on heavy drugs, putting his health and his life in danger. A man pretending to be a former associate has been telling authorities that it’s not just his own life that he’s endangering.

TMZ has learned from very reliable sources that one man has alerted the police about a possible hit on his head, with the man allegedly set to carry it out none other than Charlie Sheen.

The man has told authorities that he’s scared senseless of Sheen who threatened to kill him more than on one occasion.

“Law enforcement sources tell us a man who claims to be a former associate of Charlie's filed the report on October 18, claiming he's deathly afraid that Charlie will murder him based on a text message the actor allegedly sent to a mutual friend,” TMZ writes.

“The man told police he had a bad falling out with Charlie recently and learned that Sheen vented about him in a text to a woman that read, ‘I'll blow his head off with my Super 90’,” the report further says.

The case is under investigation right now, with police officers taking the accusations very seriously and trying their best to get a hold of Sheen for questioning.

However, things might not be as bad as the so-called former associate claims, the same media outlet notes.

“The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money,” an inside source dishes for TMZ.

As noted above, word has it that Sheen is back on drugs and back to the erratic partying lifestyle that got him booted from CBS’ extremely successful sitcom “Two and a Half Men.”

The actor has not yet addressed the rumors, but insiders vouch that he’s burning through money (and cocaine) like there’s no tomorrow and that he’ll end up badly if he doesn’t go to rehab ASAP.

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