Charlie Sheen Talks Lance Armstrong, Lindsay Lohan – Video

He’s kind of a “creepy douche” but she’s fabulous, terrific, Sheen reveals

Charlie Sheen stopped by Jay Leno the other night to promote his new movie and the second season of his show, but he also talked about other controversial celebrities, such as Lance Armstrong and Lindsay Lohan.

In the video above, Sheen, who is no stranger to controversy himself, recalls how he met Lance at a public event and how he came across as a major “douche.”

He also explains why he finds it “creepy” that Armstrong lied for so many years about using performance-enhancing drugs, while also destroying the lives of those who dared speak out the truth.

When it comes to Lindsay, though, Charlie has nothing but nice things to say.

She may be a bit troubled right now but, in Sheen’s book, she is a “terrific” and “fabulous” person and actress.

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