Charlie Sheen Pranks Katie Couric, Makes Her Blush – Video

Star is still promoting new project, talks about meltdown

Charlie Sheen is still promoting his new projects, the second season of his new series “Anger Management” and a film, so he stopped by Katie Couric the other day to talk about them – and his infamous, highly mediated meltdown.

Check out the first video below for the interview, which includes a shot of Charlie saying he won’t marry again, unless Katie is asking. Of course.

The second video is of a prank Charlie pulled on Katie before the show, when he pretended he was so nervous he could not go on with the show, so he wanted out.

Obviously, it all ended well: with a hug and a “come here, you jerk!” from Katie.

Useless to point out, despite the many months when he was deemed a “goner” by fans, critics and industry people alike, Charlie Sheen has really bounced back in top shape.

Moreover, he’s even more fun to interview than ever, if I do say so myself.

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