Charlie Sheen Plans to Ruin Ashton Kutcher’s Debut on ‘Men’

Considering the way he was kicked off the CBS show “Two and a Half Men” and the media frenzy that followed afterwards, it’s safe to say that Charlie Sheen is still not over the whole thing. Come September, he will get his revenge.

As we also noted on a previous occasion, Comedy Central will host the Charlie Sheen Roast precisely on the day that the new and supposedly improved “Men” with Ashton Kutcher premieres.

Even if it may appear so, the timing is not the result of a mere coincidence, a Comedy Central insider says for PopEater: it was all Sheen’s idea because it’s the only way he can still get his revenge for how he’s been treated.

“Charlie Sheen has lost every lawsuit against his ex-bosses at ‘Two and a Half Men,’ but now he has another play to harm the show that kicked him to the curb,” the e-zine writes.

Initially, Sheen wanted more than $100 million from CBS, Warner Bros. and “Men” creator Chuck Lorre for being fired from a job that put $2 million per episode in his already fat bank account.

When the announcement came that Kutcher would “replace” him on the show, Sheen was furious – and he remains so to this day, it would seem.

“Charlie’s upcoming roast on Comedy Central is set to go head to head against Ashton’s debut episode of ‘Two and a Half Men’ on September 19. If you think this is a coincidence then you are nuts,” the inside source says for PopEater.

It’s the ultimate epic battle for the ratings and Sheen is probably counting on the same fans that bought tickets to his ill-fated one-man US tour.

“This is Charlie getting the last laugh. He doesn’t care what they say about him at the roast as long as the show kills CBS in the ratings. Charlie has a thick skin and can laugh at himself but if you hurt him, like he thinks Chuck Lorre did, then he doesn’t forget,” the insider adds.

The only topic that will be off-limits at the Roast is Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who has threatened with a lawsuit if her name is as much as mentioned once.

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