Charlie Sheen Is Single, Remaining Goddess Leaves

A few months back, Charlie Sheen caused quite a ruckus in the press when he went on TV to introduce the women he shared his life with, the Goddesses. The last remaining one has just left him, so the Warlock is now officially single.

TMZ claims to have it on very good authority that Sheen is single after the last remaining Goddess left him. No word yet on why they broke up, but it seems that the parting was not on good terms.

“Charlie Sheen is finally UNCHAINED – because TMZ has learned, the Warlock’s last remaining goddess just gave him the chop,” TMZ writes.

“Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ, Natalie Kenly moved out last week – but hell hath no fury like a Warlock scorned... because we’re told, the actor DEMANDED she return the Mercedes he bought her,” the e-zine says.

This, coming from a man who once wrote a $20,000 check to a woman who spent just one night with him, can only mean that the two had quite a nasty fight before breaking up.

Sheen is playing it cool though.

“According to sources close to the actor, Charlie brushed off the break-up, claiming it’s ‘not a common thing for the Masheen!’” TMZ writes.

Moreover, to “celebrate” his newfound singlehood, Sheen went out and surrounded himself by ladies from all over the world, going home with three girls: one from Mexico, one from Australia and one from Colombia.

If the above is accurate, it would certainly offer plenty of arguments to those who say that Sheen made the biggest mistake of his life when he got himself fired from “Two and a Half Men” because his life has been spinning out of control ever since.

Recent reports claimed that he was in talks for a brand new sitcom that would premiere as early as January 2012 – but since nothing else was heard of that, it’s probably safe to assume it was just another unfounded rumor.

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