Charlie Sheen Is Broke

For a man once pulling $2 million a week for each single episode of “Two and Half Men” he made, this seems very surprising – but it doesn’t change the fact that Charlie Sheen is broke. The actor is strapped for cash, it has emerged.

A new report in PopEater suggests that Sheen is so desperate to force the hand of executives at CBS to pay him for the remainder of the canceled season of the show because he’s run out of money.

Just in case you’re wondering how it’s possible to go broke when your salary is upwards of $2 million a week, just think that Sheen has, besides two ex-wives, very expensive tastes, which include luxury jewelry and impressive estates.

In other words, Sheen is still just as rich as he was when he was still on the show – but has no liquidities, wherefrom his anger and determination to sue CBS and Warner Bros. to pay him if “Two and a Half Men” goes on without him.

“Newly out-of-work actor Charlie Sheen is making his public fight against his ex-bosses at CBS and Warner Bros. Television about defending his honor, but sources very close to the actor tell me the real reason is the guy is ‘cash poor’ and desperately needs the money to maintain his vast, complicated estate,” PopEater has learned.

“Charlie has earned an enormous amount of money with this show, but he has also spent a fortune and now finds himself in the very tricky position of being cash poor,” says a spy.

“Every penny he has is tied up in property or business dealings,” the insider adds. By the looks of things, Charlie is not putting the brakes on his spending either, which is only making matters worse.

Furthermore, this is more than speculation, since Charlie himself has recently admitted that he’s running out of money, which is why he’s so desperate to get his own things going.

“There’s tons of opportunity… I’ve got geniuses just waiting for me to say ‘let’s do this.’ I’m not really worried. I’ve got no job, I’ve got no dough, but…” Sheen said in a new radio interview, live from his treadmill, which you can also check out below.

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