Charlie Sheen Gives $75,000 (€57,696) to Kid for Cancer Treatment

Actor is moved by one family’s tragedy, puts his money where his mouth is

Charlie Sheen might be a warlock but that isn’t to say he doesn’t have a heart. After lending a helping hand to troubled fellow star Lindsay Lohan, he is now making headlines for a massive donation for a kid battling cancer.

Moved by the story of a police officer’s kid who was battling a severe form of cancer that requires extensive and expensive treatment, Sheen put his money where his mouth is and made a sizable donation, TMZ has learned.

“Charlie was recently having a conversation with a Hermosa Beach police officer (don't worry he was not being arrested) and learned about a cop whose 10-year-old daughter Jasmine had been diagnosed with Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma,” the celebrity publication writes.

“CR is a nasty form of cancer that occurs in the muscle tissue and requires over a year of expensive medical treatments like chemo and radiation therapy,” TMZ explains.

Sheen, who is a father himself, was so moved by the story that he told the police officer that “No parent should have to watch their kid go through that.”

The next day, the Hermosa Beach Police Department, which had set up a fund for Jasmine to raise money to help her family out, received a check for $75,000 (€57,696) with Sheen’s signature on it.

Moreover, it seems that the actor also convinced his longtime stunt double and close pal Eddie Braun, who also sent in a check for $25,000 (€19,232). Talk about getting into the Christmas giving spirit.

As for the money Sheen gave Lohan to pay some of her debts in unpaid taxes, a reported $100,000 (€76,929), he recently admitted to the press that he’s still waiting for a thank you.

Lindsay did not even bother to text him a “thank you,” let alone call him to say it in person, Charlie said, somewhat disappointed.

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