Charlamagne Defends Andre Drummond in Jennette McCurdy Leaked Selfie Scandal

The MTV star says that McCurdy “is an idiot” and she took advantage of Drummond

Famous people are beginning to speak out in the Jennette McCurdy raunchy leaked selfies scandal, the one major thing that happened since the Oscars. Charlamagne Tha God, a star on MTV, stands by basketball player Andre Drummond, the man who was accused of the leak, saying that McCurdy used him for the publicity.

TMZ says that Charlamagne didn't have the nicest words for the “iCarly” actress, calling her a “ratchet [expletive]” with a term we can't reproduce here, standing for that which refers to a woman of ill repute. He claims that McCurdy played the basketball star just to get some media attention and boost her fame.

The proof, Charlamagne adds, is in the fact that Jennete engaged Andre on Twitter after he named her his “Woman Crush Wednesday.” “Social networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities,” Charlamagne ads.

In his mind, Drummond was not the one who leaked the racy photos on the Internet and now is calling the actress out for humiliating Andre on a podcast this weekend. The entire matter is thought to have been generated by an interview in which McCurdy said Drummond wasn't the best kisser she'd made out with.

Moreover, he is willing to bet that “ten other guys have the same pics Andre has,” before concluding “she's an idiot.”

This is the first time someone has spoken up about the scandal which involves the “iCarly” actress and the basketball player. Earlier this week, a total of three racy photos were leaked online, and they featured a very scantily clad McCurdy in enticing poses, in nothing but lingerie.

After making the rounds on the Internet, the actress opened up on Twitter and pointed a damning finger at ex-boyfriend Drummond, claiming that he was the only one she'd sent the pictures, so there is no doubt in her mind that he was the source of the leak.

Though the photos did not reveal any essential or scandalous body parts, McCurdy wanted to stress the fact that she wasn't the type of girl to send out racy photos to strangers.

A day after the photos came out, Andre took the time to post on Twitter that he was not behind the leak and that he was busy focusing on basketball. Other than that, he has refused to speak on the matter, but it seems that at least some famous people don't think he did, and are willing to go out on a limb and state their opinions publicly.

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