Solar Charging Bonsai Electree Available to Pre-Order Now

Gone are the days when we got excited about what was under our Christmas tree...

French designer Vivien Muller has recently made his solar bonsai available for pre-order, hoping consumer interest will be high enough to launch the production of this item.

Not only that it looks good, but it also has a clean, green functionality. Dubbed Electree, the bonsai uses 27 solar panels to harness energy and use it to recharge the electronic devices in your house.

Each module comprised by the Electree can rotate freely with respect to each other, allowing you to create an unlimited number of shapes for the solar bonsai.

The Electree is 40-cm (nearly 16 inches) high and its battery capacity is 13 500 mAh. For the sake of comparison, we’ll tell you that an iPhone battery capacity is 1500mAh. A full charge will require less than 36 hours.

"Inspiration for the Electree came first while observing trees. Tree leaves are actually natural solar panels,’ Muller explains the genesis of the Electree. “The tree’s shape is thus the best mean to take advantage of the solar energy.”

“I wanted the Electree to be a product to be placed inside. The idea of a bonsaï to recharge mobile electronic devices thus came up," the French designer adds.

If you are excited enough with the idea of having a tiny tree-shaped charging device for your gadgets, you can pre-order your own Electree by following this link.

According to the seller, the first 400 units sold will be numbered and delivered with a certificate, and shipping costs are free during the presale.

At the time of writing, just 76 pre-orders out of 400 were placed, and there are 25 days left for you to place your own.

Price per unit is EUR299 (about USD407 at the current exchange rate), with deliveries scheduled to take place just before Christmas.

We are patiently waiting for a stylish solar charging walnut tree that we can plant near the house...

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