Charge Two iPads at Once with DoubleUp

Kanex offers dual USB charging solution for home or office environments

Nowadays, people who own an iPhone are likely to own at least another portable device from Apple. Whether it’s an iPad or an iPod touch, these devices all need their batteries replenished from time to time, and Kanex claims to have the ideal solution for any household or work environment.

The Kanex-developed dual-USB charger sells for $49.00 / €39.00 and uses made-for-iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFI) cables licensed by Apple to juice up your shiny portables anywhere you can find a wall outlet.

Best of all, it boasts two full-power 2.1-amp USB charging ports for a total of 21 watts, providing more power than two separate power adapters.

Kanex cites a survey conducted by CNBC’s All-America Economic which found that 55 million homes have at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

Around a quarter of those surveyed were reportedly planning to buy at least one more Apple gadget this year.

“With the fast growth of multiple iOS devices in the home, charging those devices and having them ready for use is even more important,” according to Kanex.

The DoubleUp is the answer to this problem as it enables simultaneous charging of two iDevices.

For example, iPads can take a whole night to reach 100% charge. Using the DoubleUp you can juice up two iPads at the same time, and it’s equipped with two LED indicators that notify you when the charging process is done.

Lastly, the product complements Apple devices with a high-gloss finish and a sleek form-factor, with black and white color options.

“DoubleUp provides double the power and double the charge as a solution to quick charging for multiple devices simultaneously,” said Kelvin Yan, president of Kanex.

“Customers should look for devices that provide 2.1-amps per port to know that their charger can charge two iPads at the same time. DoubleUp is unique because it provides 21W of power, enabling devices to charge quicker,” Yan added.

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