Chaos Reborn Gets Details from Julian Gollop

The game will appeal to both older gamers and a modern audience

Developer Julian Gollop is offering details about the development of his new Chaos Reborn saying that the multiplayer mode will allow up to four players to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous matches.

Chaos Reborn will offer a grid-based experience and is designed to appeal to those who loved the classic game that Gollop launched in 1985 on the ZX Spectrum platform.

The official development blog states, “Synchronous games operate under tighter rules – you have a relatively short time limit for your turn. If you fail to respond in time your turn is ended automatically. If you get disconnected your wizard will be taken over by the AI, but I want to allow players a chance to reconnect to the game if they just experiencing internet glitches.”

Asynchronous matches will take longer to move along, but the game maker still wants a time limit in order to make sure that players are all actively taking part.

He adds, “The game state is represented by an initial state and a list of game events, which can be anything that happens in the game, such as moving a creature to a hex or an attack. This list of events allows players, or even observers, to view a game from the start – or even to watch completed games.”

Julian Gollop wants to make Chaos Reborn a simple game to understand and a difficult one to master, with choices and options designed to enhance the replayability.

Gollop is best known for having created the original X-COM video game, Enemy Unknown.

He recently praised the modern remake created by Firaxis, which was launched in October and managed to impress both critically and commercially.

The new game simplifies the battle space a little, but still gives gamers plenty of freedom when it comes to character loadouts and tactical use.

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