Channing Tatum Is GQ’s Movie Star of the Year

A wonderful way to cap off an amazing year for Channing

The latest issue of GQ is the obligatory Men of the Year issue. Even though the cover has Rihanna in all her natural glory on it, there’s also an alternate version with the guy named Movie Star of the Year: the always charming Channing Tatum.

Indeed, Channing is one of the honorable mentions of this special issue of the mag – and rightly so, if you ask me.

Channing may have gotten his start as yet another one of those generic pretty boys who are usually typecast in silly, weak rom-coms, but 2012 was definitely his year.

He proved he can still do rom-coms in “The Vow,” showed he’s a solid action movie star with “Haywire,” tried his hand at gorgeous (and very shameless) comedy in “21 Jump Street” and then moved to a bit more serious acting with “Magic Mike.”

All these releases scored massively at the box office but with critics as well. In short, 2012 was definitely Channing’s year, so it’s only fitting to have him honored with Movie Star of the Year in GQ.

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