Chandra Levy: Killer's Appeal on Hold, Conviction Could Be Annulled

The defense has new evidence, and a witness's credibility is questionable

In 2011, a man was convicted for the murder of congressional intern Chandra Levy. The conviction could be thrown out, as new information has surfaced and an appeals was filed.

Illegal immigrant Ingmar Guandique, of El Salvador, was found guilty of killing 24-year-old Levy, in 2001. The victim’s body was found in a park in Washington in 2002, following a massive search effort carried on at the time.

Guandique has been sentenced to 60 years for murder, and has appealed the decision, according to Times of Israel. It appears the credibility of one of the witnesses in his trial lies in question.

Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher has issued a gag order in the case, citing “safety concerns,” CBS News reports. The trial will go on behind closed doors, allowing no spectators in the courtroom.

“Whether they have to have a new trial or have another suspect, or whatever, we don't know. They can't tell us because it's secret. [...] The attorneys cannot even go in along with the people who are reporters or news people,” the victim's father, Robert Levy, told reporters.

“He's a convicted rapist and an illegal alien. He's not legal at all or working or anything. He's just a criminal, so he shouldn't go free. But if he's innocent of murder then he shouldn't be in jail for it,” he describes Guandique.

After a hearing in January, the inmate's next meeting in court for the appeal has been set for February 7, in light of new evidence coming up.

“No matter what goes on, our daughter is dead. It doesn't really matter except that they get the right person,” mother Susan Levy adds.

“Our concern is that we are without our daughter. [...] We hope they don’t let a rapist and murderer out because of some technicality,” Chandra's parents explain.

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