Chakra Linux 2012.12 Is Based on KDE 4.9.4

This is the latest release in the well-known Claire series

Chakra Linux, a distribution specially built to take advantage of KDE Software Compilation and the Plasma desktop, is now at version 2012.12.

Chakra Linux 2012.10, dubbed “Claire,” follows the development of the KDE SC 4.9 series and is named in the memory of Claire Lotion.

This will be the last release in the Claire series, and the developers have explained that they have worked on some Tribe features and on the Akabei package manager, not to mention a few other bugs sent by the community.

Tribe is in Beta stage, which means that there’s a fully functional bundle download page now, the user creation page has been reworked and expanded, a password strength meter has been added, and more locales are now available, including some handy extra keyboard options.

The Akabei package manager is also getting close to a release, but there are some refinements that will have to be implemented until it’s ready.

Highlights of Chakra Linux 2012.12:

• Linux kernel was updated to version 3.6.6 (the 3.0.43 version is also available from the repositories);

• KDE Software Compilation was updated version 4.9.4;

• The distribution is provided on a DVD image, with all locales included, along with nice selections of apps;

• Kapudan, Chakra's desktop greeter and all around first setup tool has been integrated;

• A new artwork theme called Dharma was added;

• The Grub2-2.00 is now used;

• Qt was updated to version 4.8.4;

• Some enhancements were made to Chakra tools such as the cbundle/cinstall, the welcome-plasmoid, and spun;

• systemd, kmod, mkinitcpio, filesystem, and latest proprietary graphics drivers (including the all new catalyst-legacy) have been updated.

Also, users can install a lot of additional applications from the repositories.

Moreover, a decision was made to no longer provide an i686 image. If you want to test the distribution, keep in mind that Chakra's ISO's do not support unetbootin, and CD/DVDs need a burn speed no higher than 4x.

A complete list of new features and updates can be found in the official announcement.

Download Chakra Linux 2012.12 right now from Softpedia.

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